Arrived April 10 to a balmy 70s, breezy, pleasant. Lots of sun, some clouds.

There were a couple of birdhouses perched on tall poles. Mockingbirds flew about and perched on them. They sang songs in the morning; each unique.

There are tall pine trees everywhere and moss draped oaks.

There were lots of shells along the beach. The Atlantic doesn’t seem to be able to smash them into smithereens like the Pacific does; so they accumulate.

Rocking chairs on the porch saw a lot of use. Eating and relaxing was the prevailing activity for most of us.

Tony Devereux will be 80 shortly, his birthday is the main reason for the gathering.

I wandered aroung on my folding bike and ran into a festival with a fabulous reggae band playing. Tents were set up with people selling sausage with collard greens and hush puppies.

enough of those pictures already!

The Episcopal cemetery where Alice is buried.

If you walk around her grave mumbling the right incantations, you will recover your lost wedding ring.

The other side of Pawleys island, the Waccamaw river, seen from the canoe.


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