Making a chainguard

I had promised my wife a chainguard for her city bike way back when I was building it. Finally after a couple of years waiting, I put one together. No more need for pants clips!

I cut out a chain guard shape using tin snips from a sheet of .032″ thick sheet steel I had. You can see the dark blooms from where I attached tabs at the back with brass.



3 thin (less than 1mm) douglas fir strips were laminated together with gorilla glue to make this wood crook shape which will cover the top of the chain.



I bolted the wood strip in place with small brass bolts. The rings with rod sticking out the side will hold the guard in place at the front of the bike.
It is attached at the rear to the rack/fender braze on.
There was not much clearance between the chain and crank arm, so the placement of the guard had to be spot on. No adjustable option here. But it turned out very solid. I can’t imagine it will ever rattle or come loose.



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