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Sunbrella rain cape #2

After 2 years and a lot of use, the original Sunbrella plus rain cape started to leak in the areas that see the most abrasion, like the handlebar area and where my arms and hands are. While it remained a protective cape, it didn’t shed water as readily and I could feel and see some… Continue reading Sunbrella rain cape #2

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Making a cycling cap

A cycling cap is useful in so many ways. It keeps the hair in place. Sweat is managed. Shades the head and face from direct sun. Can be micro-adjusted to block the glare from oncoming headlights. The thin fabric allows it to fit under a helmet. Pulled low over the eyes, it’s how I begin… Continue reading Making a cycling cap

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36 hole rim laced to 28 hole hub

This it the type of project that is only justified if absolutely necessary. Not a good idea to try for anyone without a lot of wheel building experience. My project qualified, and I have built hundreds of wheels over the years when I worked as a bike mechanic, so I set down to figure out… Continue reading 36 hole rim laced to 28 hole hub

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One year/5K mile update on the cargo bike

Sure beats the backseat of a car. Sadie on the 3 day camping trip. The initial post on the construction of this bike is here. It has been about a year and well over five thousand miles on the cargo bike. I have used it for daily transportation, camping with the dog, and commuting almost… Continue reading One year/5K mile update on the cargo bike

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Making a cargo bike

  Near Timothy lake. Dog would prefer to just relax in the basket for now.   Current configuration, with mt style handlebars and dog in the basket, and custom rack on the back. The steering pulleys have been moved to the fork crown line. The bike weighs 43lbs. A one year/5000mile update has been posted… Continue reading Making a cargo bike